Origin Lore

Hero Galaxy was launched in January 2022 under the name Hero Galaxy by a team of former big tech executives who sought to bring GameFi to a mainstream audience.

The original purpose of the NFT collection was to bootstrap the development of a web3 game that could onboard mainstream users, and reward likeminded early collectors who believed in a future where gamers owned the assets they earned in-game through blockchain technology. The message resonated and our community quickly grew to tens of thousands strong: gamers, investors, developers, and degens from around the world, united in our belief that mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through games and applications was the next evolution of the space.
We thought the first and simplest place to test this thesis was in a pre-existing web2 game: Minecraft. Oops. To create a web3 layer in Minecraft capable of providing mainstream users seamless experiences we had to rebuild every piece of blockchain technology we touched from the ground up, finding existing technology lacking. We created in-house applications to: 1. Query and index on-chain data (real-time + performant) 2. Dynamically update NFT metadata (allowing for avatars to be upgraded with items) 3. Allow users to access the game without having a crypto wallet (login with email, Facebook, Google, etc.) 4. Initiate blockchain transactions (mints, airdrops, transfers, marketplaces, etc.) without end-users having to pay gas or ever experience a transaction failure.
The experiment was a success compared to most web3 games, quickly growing to over 25,000 unique users (70% of whom were new to crypto), and the team was first to market with many novel developments including: the world's first dynamically upgradeable NFTs, the world's first omni-chain mint, and the Forge (5-1 token swap). Then in July of 2022 Microsoft formally banned NFTs and crypto from Minecraft. Faced with a choice to rebuild a game from the ground up, discontinue the project, or build a new company that brings value to these holders, we chose option 3: learn from the technology we’d previously built, revamp it to bring in new builders, and give it away to holders in hopes of increasing our community value. Thus Utiliti and Moonsight were born. UTILITI: Tools & advanced APIs to make it easy to build in web3. Moonsight: Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence (alpha) Our holders get free access. Our collective mission is the same as it ever was: bring web3 to mainstream web2 users, reward those who believe in this mission along the way. TLDR Hero Galaxy NFT's original purpose was to build P2E games inside of Minecraft. We're a team of big tech escapees, and we quit our jobs at Amazon for that. Oops. We did build some cool things along the way though. You can read more about that above ^. Anyway, we had a backup plan: Created a new company to build and sell cool technology to enterprises, and give it away to our holders. So we raised venture capital, went harder than ever, and built some really cool tech.