Hero + Anti-Hero Utility

The primary utility of Hero and Anti-Hero NFTs is free access to technology as follows:

UTILITI: Tools & advanced APIs to make it easy to build in web3. Moonsight: Enterprise Blockchain Intelligence (alpha)
Additional utility includes but is not limited to:
  • Access to an exclusive community of builders leveraging the technology.
  • Rewards in any future UTILITI ecosystem token on the basis of time-held + Artifact gear-sets worn. (Anti-Heroes at 25% Hero rate)
  • Access to the UTILITI affiliate program.
  • Early access to all UTILITI experimental technology.
  • Access to token-gated UTILITI technology.
  • Whitelist opportunities, perks, beta access, and testing opportunities from projects, games, and corporations that leverage UTILITI services.
  • Artifact (wearable item) NFT drops.
  • Reinstated DAO funded through a rising percentage of project resales (up to 100% by Q2/2023) intended to fund incubation of new projects/holders building web3 projects leveraging the technology.
We are building a decentralized incubator.