2023 Roadmap

Please bear in mind the brevity of this document is at the advice of legal counsel. Other projects do picture roadmaps, give us a break.
Q1: Build, update & PR. We are going to co-create the best cat PFP of all time with you. Check out previews in Discord. The core team will be heads down building out both software companies. Our marketing efforts will ramp up. Together we will be loud and we will dominate Twitter. We will formally incubate our first project and begin inducting new founders into our community by strategically giving away cats.
Q2: Artifacts & Moonsight Gamified supply burning mechanisms. Airdrops. New functionality.
Team's primary focus will be on Moonsight as UTILITI's core functionality is complete. The incubator will be online and new projects will show up daily (we hope).
Q3: Armory & Anti-Heroes
Facelift. Ultraforge. Artifact game.
Q4: Fireworks
We hope the incubator experiment is massively successful thanks to you mfers reading this.
Anything else is too far out to predict, this is a startup we'll probably have to pivot anyway let's be real- MSFT banned the original business! A surprise or two :).